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Monthly membership contribution. Suggested minimum of £5/month


What you get

Benefits of membership

  1. Become part of a network of like minded people

    1. Attendance at events and other activites.

    2. Attendance at member only sessions

    3. Learning, dialogue and co-creative activities

    4. Priority booking at events and Inquiry Conversations

    5. Attendance at membership meetings

    6. Receiving 6 monthly news letter.

  2. Enable you to contribute to a sustainable society “where all can flourish”, to become the change that you want to see in the world.

    1. Participating in building a Civil Society Movement and right to vote on key issues including governance of CSF Ltd

    2. To propose and participate in projects that help create a society where all can flourish

    3. Enable involvement as an Associate or Contractor

    4. Participation in / Attendance at events and other activities

  3. We ask you to commit to the values of the Civil Society