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Civil Society
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Expand your resourcefulness to make a difference.

...that's why we formed The Civil Society Forum

  • Refreshingly open and honest conversations on issues that matter 
  • Network of individuals & organisations committed to collaborative co-operation
  • Shared expertise, research, articles and training for individuals, businesses, institutions, organisations and communities
                               Esther Ridsdale - Founder

                               Esther Ridsdale - Founder


what members say

it is so much more than an event. I feel this could really lead to transformation in the world.
— Department Head, RNIB
The work of the Forum is valuable in ‘normal’ times, in these days of ‘dramatic’ change, it’s a vital resource.
— Mark Napier, MD, Centre for Public Innovation
The work you have been leading has the potential to transform organisational development and impact.
— Charlotte Gardiner, Big Lottery Fund
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