In 2002 Esther and six others discussed the issues surrounding the changing world order and how to support and connect people who wanted to have a voice in civil society to encourage a world where 'all can flourish'. Since that day the original team and now over 150 others have formed an organisation and generated material and gathered knowledge that is the basis for
Civil Society Forum. 

"The forum has been created by a group of people with passion and experience in supporting organisational, personal and community development and common commitment to systems thinking and holistic approaches. We all have a deep concern for ways in which we as individuals, organisations and society can build our resourcefulness and create and protect of shared value. By doing this, our desire is to develop our collective capacity to work collaboratively and creatively towards a world that works for everyone". 

"We act as a catalyst for this change by bringing together the different voices and diverse interests that need to be explored. We aim to encourage and support business organisations, social enterprises, communities and individuals to work together to enhance strategic thinking and systemic activity. This will lead to increased internal and cross-sector collaboration to maximise potential. We will experiment and promote ways of working that release resourcefulness and therefore better serve our collective interests".


"Our unique approach is systemic and interdisciplinary. It is based on convening talented concerned individuals and institutions; bringing them together and co-designing systemic approaches to learn and address particular challenges and opportunities. This is based on our core insight into civil society’s fundamental need: the developmental transformation of ‘fragmented individuality’ into ‘sociable individuality’, in both institutions and individuals, from childhood to adult life, from grassroots communities to national institutions, in economic, civic and cultural life".